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Sadly the Players brought down the final curtain at the end of 2017 following their final production.



During the late 1970's and early 1980's the Warninglid Young Wives provided the entertainment for the over 60's (Welcome) Club Christmas Party. This varied from variety acts, speakers, film shows etc.

On one occasion the wives decided to form a choir of "schoolgirls" and lead a sing along. The response to our efforts with costume, make-up and "vocals" was very appreciative and because we were all "known faces" it was even more humorous to see us as ridiculous characters.

As this evening was so well received we expanded our talents and the following year put on a short one act play called "Orange Blossom". This, of course, involved casting, rehearsals, set and props - a challenge indeed! The most exciting or 'exacting' challenge was to persuade two young wives to play the gentlemen characters. This was done with ease! (As experience with 'The Players' has shown - it is generally easier to get a lady to make a fool of herself than a gentleman!). After lots of rehearsal, laughs and costume fittings "Orange Blossom" was ready for its Opening Night.

The play was a great success with the Over 60's. Word spread throughout the village of our performance resulting in a request for a second show for the rest of the village. This we did and our triumph is now part of the 'The Players' history. Soon after a general village meeting was called to see what the response would be to the formation of an amateur dramatic group in the village. Hence 'The Warninglid Players' began in 1983 with two one act plays "Green for Danger" and "Five Birds in a Cage".

We have learnt a lot from those early productions and our performances have brought laughter and a few tears to our audiences, but mainly to ourselves. We share each others 'highs' and 'drys' and let's hope we can encourage new members to join us.

Previous Productions

button 2017 What's for Pudding?
button 2016 Was She Coshed
button 2015 False Widows
button 2014 Dirty Business ¤ Par for the Course
button 2013 The Weekend
button 2012 Private Lives ¤ Entertaining Angels
button 2011 Our Country's Good ¤ On Golden Pond
button 2010 The Exam ¤ Comic Potential
button 2009 Sugar Daddies ¤ Abigail's Party
button 2008 My Mother Said I Never Should ¤ Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue S'il Vous Plait
button 2007 Under Milk Wood ¤ November Nuggets
button 2006 'Allo, Allo' ¤ Shakers
button 2005 Lady Windermere's Fan ¤ Respecting Your Piers
button 2004 Round and Round the Garden. ¤ We found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines aboard the SS Farndale Avenue.
button 2003 Living Together. ¤ Dead Guilty. ¤ The Philadelphia Story.
button 2002 Table Manners. ¤ Sandcastles
button 2001 No Sex Please We're British. ¤ Deadly Nightcap.
button 2000 Pygmalion. ¤ Ladies Who Lunch.
button 1999 The Rivals. ¤ Murder in Play.
button 1998 The Importance of Being Earnest. ¤ Breezeblock Park.
button 1997 Holmes Sweet Holmes. ¤ In by the Half. ¤ Farndale Ladies - They Came from Mars.
button 1996 Blithe Spirit. ¤ Interior Design. ¤ Marble Arch.
button 1995 One for the Road. ¤ Farndale Ladies - The Haunted Through Lounge. ¤ How the Other Half Loves.
button 1994 Tomb with a View. ¤ A Month of Sundays.
button 1993 A visit from Miss Protheroe. ¤ Woomerang.¤ Wife Begins at Forty.
button 1992 Count your Blessings.
button 1991 Ladies of Spirit. ¤ Farndale Christmas Carol.
button 1990 Fish out of Water.¤ Frosty Frolics.
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